About Helfen

Helfen is a building surveying company with a proven track record of providing advice and assistance in relation to a variety of building related matters – including design of new buildings, remediation or remodelling of existing buildings, and assistance in relation to dispute processes for leaky buildings or building defect issues. We also have expertise with testing of cladding and other building materials.

Team Ethos

The Helfen team take pride in the high quality of their work. The team have a diverse range of skills and expertise, and find that often the best result for the client is achieved when the individual strengths of our team members are combined and matched with the needs of the client.


Helfen have extensive experience working on a variety of residential and commercial buildings from standalone houses through to large multi-unit properties, educational facilities, correctional facilities, hospitals, shopping centres and other commercial or mixed-use properties.

Problem Solving

Helfen’s strength lies in their ability to problem solve and think laterally to find the best possible solutions to assist their clients. We appreciate that our clients are often faced with making significant decisions based on our advice, and take care to ensure that our advice provides them with the most practical solution for their particular circumstances.


Our experience has allowed us to develop good relationships with leading consultants in New Zealand and around the world, as well as with Building Consent Authorities, product manufacturers and solicitors. Collaborating with others who have different skills and expertise allows us to provide the best result for our clients.
Helfen takes pride in the calibre of our people - both in their individual expertise and their combined strengths as a team.

Building Surveyors

with 25 years of experience